We have some of the coolest people for theming d├ęcor, lighting designers that ooze creativity, grafix gurus that make images come to life, and audio geeks that can hear a frequency your dog can't even hear!

Seriously, let's talk...we'll bring our Team, you bring yours and lets make something happen!  Let's talk about your concept/idea/dream, and walk away with some creative ideas to design and implement and then execute!

Nothing in this world is more rewarding then when you turn to us and say, Wow! that's gonna leave an impression (in a good way)!

But if we have to break it down...let us do this!

Creative Graphics to design your invite to your final Thank You slide from the event

Theming Design to bring it all together

Conceptual Video Content to add that sizzle to your talking head video (yea, I said it)

Flowers that say "Ooohh, I like the vase!"

Lighting that makes the environment happy
(we're GREEN, we use LED products only and rechargeable batteries)

Audio guys that have worked around the world and in our own back yard

and all those people to pull it together under one roof with out the hassle of making one change seem like a an Act of (a bunch of people mulling things over in a closed off room)

But to list it all...

Event Creative Services

Site Inspections (really? a 1,400 yard push to the show floor? Your labor cost will out weigh your catering bill )

Design and Drafting of Floorplans thru AutoCad

Stage Renderings thru Vectorworks CAD

Entertainment Suggestions & Negotiations (NO Green M&Ms)

On Site Logistics (point fingers and make people move)

Stage Direction (Mr./Ms. CFO, please Exit Stage Left)

Technical Direction (Stand by Camera 3 for a Dutch angle upper corner 1/3rd framing)

Production Management

VIP Concierge Service (what? they're VIPs, expecting something whimsical?) 

And everything else tied into a successful, transportation, and venue coordination...but we don't do hotels, we have a strategic partner for that.

We have fun at what we do 'cause the stress can be a real downer, so why not try something different?  We all work hard and have been for over 25+ years, we just know how to discern between the right time with the right attitude with the right people.